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Entourage GTD: Action Scripts 4-D

Friday, March 28th, 2008

4D-Logo.jpgWell, it’s a new year and a new version of Entourage is on the loose. It only seems fitting that we should update our Entourage GTD Action Scripts as well!

The second release of Action Scripts gave us the ability to create a linked Action Item (a Task or Event) from any other email, task, event or note in Entourage. This served three purposes (1) it gave us an expedient means of processing email (and the like) to our Task List, (2) it enabled the creation of Follow up Tasks (and Events), and (3) it provided us with a facility to move tasks onto the Calendar (without removing them from the Master Task List).

So, what else could we possibly want in Action Scripts 4-D…?

…Why, two additional scripts, of course!


Entourage GTD: Assign Projects 1.0

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008


The mouse plays such an integral role in how we access our computers, it’s not likely that any one of us could make it through the day without it! But like any tool, the mouse has its place. There are certain applications where it does very well (graphics design), and others where it is more of a crutch. And while (at times) it may be a necessary crutch, if you lean on this thing to manage the brunt of your electronic workflow, one day, you will certainly… CLICK… YOURSELF… TO DEATH…! (more…)

Entourage GTD: Action Scripts 2.0

Monday, September 3rd, 2007

Scripts MenuWhen Michael Day asked if I would write some custom scripts for Entourage, I said sure… someday, maybe (and then jumped at the chance, when I found out what he had in mind).

In his email, Michael details a set of scripts that lets you move a message, task or note onto the calendar. I found the notion intriguing and had actually played around with a similar concept before. But there was always something about this that bothered me.


Entourage GTD: Scripting the Calendar

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Calendar IconBehold… the Entourage Calendar! It’s not fancy (and it can be a little clunky), but this baby interfaces with Exchange Server, it lets you sort and filter with custom views, and you can link its events to any other element in Entourage. Did I mention that it interfaces with Exchange??? (more…)

Entourage GTD: Tickling Your Email

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Entourage Email IconYou remember when the Wizard of Oz said “Go away and come back tomorrow”? Well, that is exactly what a Tickler File lets you say to your email, “Go away and don’t bother me until you are actionable!” And you would use this for what?

  • Your phone bill arrives on the 1st… but it’s not due until the 30th.
    (“Go away and come back on the 25th”).
  • The latest cost reports arrive… on Friday
    (“Go away and come back next week”).
  • There’s a sale at Penny’s!!!!
    (“Go a away and… DELETE“)

But one of the most useful things you can do with this is track the actions you have assigned to other people. (more…)

Entourage GTD: Quick Links

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

So what’s the big deal with links? Think of a link as being the sticky side of a Post-It note. This is the glue that holds information together. Only it’s not just notes scribbled on little yellow bits of paper. In Entourage, you can link tasks to email, email to contacts, contacts to projects, projects to files, files to notes, notes to tasks… Gadzooks, man!

But for all that power, the system is yet incomplete. Because while Entourage will let you link anything to anything, it doesn’t provide a keyboard shortcut so that you can quickly retrieve the data! Don’t all gasp at once. (more…)

Entourage GTD: Quick Delete

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

As powerful as Microsoft Entourage is, you would think that something as simple as the Delete Key would be a no-brainer. Think again!

For some reason, the developers have decided that just hitting “Delete” is far too obvious. If you want to get rid of a task, for example, you have to first select the task and hit Cmd-Delete. This brings up a Warning Dialog, which then lectures you on all the dangers of deleting! (more…)

Entourage GTD: Actions from Email

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

tasks-icon.jpgIf you haven’t already explored the Entourage Scripts Menu, I highly recommend it. Microsoft Entourage 2004 (Part of Office) comes pre-packaged with a set of AppleScripts to help you customize your workflow. And for those of you implementing GTD (See Getting Things Done by David Allen), two of these should be especially conspicuous:

  • Create Task from Message
  • Create Event from Message

Are we drooling yet???

Entourage GTD: Quick Projects

Sunday, April 29th, 2007

More About Project CenterI’ve always liked the idea of the Entourage Project Center. It lets you create a Project which can then be linked to email, notes, contacts, or just about anything else in your system. It even creates special “watch folders” to hold your project files. You can set Project deadlines and track your progress through a series of panels and custom views. And if you are clever with Applescript, you can generate activity reports that answer the question “So what’s the status on this?” (More on that later).

But the system has an Achilles Heal, and it’s a big one. (more…)